Our established vines take advantage of year round northern sun, rooted in the rich red soils that give us bountiful fruit and produce strong flavoursome wines year in, year out.

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Our Vines

Year upon year the Frogs Pond vintage is both flavorsome and bountiful.

Frogs Pond sits in the cool climate sub-region of Red Hill resulting in a unique micro-climate and the opportunity to deliver outstanding quality. With 8 acres of un-irrigated volcanic soils sitting at an elevation of 140 meters, Frogs Pond slopes like an amphitheater, sheltered and warm, providing protection to the vine and its delicate crop.  

Michael Kyberd is both wine maker and regional expert with 25 years of local experience. Michael enjoys an enormous profile participating in judging and executive roles where his fine pallet and training is at the forefront of quality wines. Michael's love for Pinot and Chardonnay has grown as has his appreciation for the Mornington Peninsula as a great growing region blossomed. The gentle even autumns lead to grapes with fabulous complex flavors and high levels of natural acidity. Michael's tasting notes accompany each of our label offerings.

Geoff Clark is the vineyard manager; borne into a local orcharding family Geoff discovered the magic of local soils and unique weather patterns from a young age. Geoff transferred this understanding to the emerging vineyard plots of almost 30 years ago and today has established himself as the premier viticulturist on the peninsula.

 Both Michael and Geoff have a special admiration for the Frogs Pond vineyard, nurturing the 30 year old vines back to their brilliant best and achieving the quality drinking Pinot, Chardonnay and Rose vintages that are now available for our pleasure.

  • Michael Kyberd

    Wine Maker

  • Geoff Clark